A poem by Pastor Tim, shared February 2022
This article appeared in The St Catharines Standard as a part of the "Faith Matters" Column on January 15, 2022.
You have sung about the 12 days of Christmas... but have you heard of the 27th year of Christmas?
We've heard it a lot (on repeat, it seems), this whole idea that God has given each of us a gift. And it's true! The Apostle Paul tells us that Jesus has given gifts to every individual in the Church. In Ephesians chapter 4, he actually describes the moment when He did it!
I have an announcement to make: Im a Dad! Well, for the second time. But honestly, already having one child does not make the birth of the second any less exciting! Our daughter was born
There is this idea out there that only extraordinary people can do extraordinary things. Well, allow me to burst that bubble for you by stating this: there is no such thing as extraordinary people.