Have I not told you I am the GREAT I AM. Have I not told you I am the BEGINNING AND THE END. STAND UP MY CHURCH! Do not be moved by what you see. Do not give in to the lies of the enemy. I am the GOD who HEARS the cries of my people. I am the GOD who SEES all that is happening. I have stretched out MY ARM and the enemy is about to run into MY HAND. I will take care of the enemy before you. The battle is MINE. I am more than ABLE.  BELIEVE IN ME! TRUST IN ME my children! Nothing is impossible for ME!  Hear ME now! Listen to ME! Hold onto ME! I am the ANCHOR in the storm. I am your DELIVERER and I will deliver you out of it all.  Take the authority I have given you in MY WORD, DECREE MY WORD, REBUKE the lies of the enemy! You are OVERCOMERS IN ME! I have brought the enemy to nothing! I am bringing about a great alignment. I am aligning MY BODY with THE HEAD. I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE! I have hand picked you for this time. I am uniting MY BODY AS ONE and hell shall not prevail against it. Again I say, TRUST AND BELIEVE IN ME! Have faith in YOUR GOD! I WILL BRING IT TO PASS! I am the HEALER! I will HEAL your land! I will HEAL your bodies! I will DELIVER my people! Fix your eyes on ME! I will bring an END to your darkness!  I am the LIGHT of the World! I will remove your affliction, I will remove your pain, I will remove your lack. Call down MY GLORY! MY GLORY shall fill this earth as it fills the heavens. Put on the GARMENT OF PRAISE! I shall remove the spirit of heaviness and bring revival to your land. REJOICE MY CHILDREN! And again I say REJOICE! MY LOVE IS ENOUGH!