Prophetic Word as Given by Pastor Tim

Niagara is where people come to experience Revival! Niagara is where pastors and churches flourish and the Scriptures are preached with conviction and integrity! Niagara is where people come to repent and be renewed and refreshed but he presence of God!
People are going to be drawn to Niagara Falls, not to see the water, but to experience the presence of Jesus.
People are going to come to Niagara just to come through these doors (NWC). The Spirit of God is doing a new thing in THIS church.
God is going to do such a magnificent, marvellous, radical thing in the people of this church that people are going to be drawn here supernaturally. Some will be believers and some will be atheist, but they’ll be drawn here nonetheless, and once they come they’ll experience a praise that will draw them to salvation.
People are going to get saved before the altar-calls.
People are going to get healed before we lay hands on them or even pray for healing.
All because the grace of God is upon this hous.