Given February 27, 2023 by Sister Marisol"> Given February 27, 2023 by Sister Marisol"> Given February 27, 2023 by Sister Marisol">


Vision as given by sister Marisol on February 26th


On January 9th, 2022, one year ago, on a quite Sunday night, while meditating on the Lord’s goodness before sleep time, the Lord Jesus came

to me in a vivid vision wrapped in all the splendour of his Glory and he said: “You’re my daughter, in whom I am well pleased. There is nothing

else you need to do to please me. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CROSS. I shed my blood for you”. (In that moment, I felt like that burden of guilt, shame

and not feeling good enough was lifted from my chest and I felt so loved and forgiven and covered in peace and joy). He continued saying: now

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”. Then He shows the map of the world in darkness and all of a sudden little spots

of light start to shine in every country and on top of that scene, on the left side it shows the Niagara Worship Centre building and on the right

side, it’s our dear Pastor, Pastor Tim. The Lord Jesus finished saying: “It’s time to shine the light!”. Through this vision, I believe the Lord is

saying to the church that we need to focus on Him, as we meditate on His infinite love demonstrated by his sacrifice at the cross, we can be

transformed and our mind is renewed so we want to be more like Him. We need to know our true identity in Christ, which is not defined by our

age, race, education, occupation or financial resources. It’s not about what we can do for Him, it’s about what He has already done for us at the

cross. He wants us to be transformed from the inside out so through His LOVE, we’ll be able to spread the simple gospel to everybody. You don’t

need to be a preacher or teacher to share the good news of salvation. As the Lord leads you, share what the Lord has done in your life, it could

be at work, at school, with your neighbours, in the streets, EVERYWHERE. No reason to be ashamed. How can we be ashamed after the price

He paid at the cross? Let’s be bold and share our testimony! My family and I feel so blessed to be part of this house of prayer and worship,

where our Pastor is obedient to the Lord and allows the Holy Spirit to speak through him so he can teach us not what we want to hear but the

truth based on the Word of God. Let’s arise church, revival is coming, the harvest is abundant, let’s get ready!