You’ve sung about the 12 days of Christmas... but have you heard of the 27th year of Christmas? Okay, probably not... But this year marked our 27th Christmas Eve Dinner Event put on by our church family for the community of Niagara. What began as a initiative to ensure no one was alone on Christmas Eve and without a festive meal has developed into an annual community event with not only a full turkey dinner, but a Christmas service with Carols and the telling of the Christmas story along with a gift-giveaway for every age!


Donations come in from the church family and people throughout the Niagara area. Our planning committee begins planning each year in September, working countless hours to prepare, lay out the menu, recruit volunteers, wrap gifts, organizer bus routes, reach out to local businesses for support, and so much more. Their work is often unseen and unacknowledged, and so to them I say a personal “thank you” for all their hard work! 


I take great joy in reporting that this year 25 individuals made a decision to commit their life to Christ! There is no amount of time, money or effort that is too much for such results! God is good!


We’ve captured a few moments from this Christmas Eve so you can get a glimpse into what the evening looked like.


Thank you for all your support.


Pastor Tim